Local predators using a disturbing trick on minors. How to keep your kids safe at 11pm on Local 4

A Defenders report

With the advancement of computers, smart phones and social media, police are finding and busting more child sexual predators than ever before. With each case, they are uncovering predators' disturbing deceptions that every parent and child should know about.

Tonight at 11 on Local 4 News, The Defenders expose how local predators are tricking minors and what you can do to keep your kids safe. Defender Kevin Dietz talks to an expert in criminal psychology about how sex offenders try to lure children. Also, discussed is the mind of a sexual predator and the possible reasons why they behave as they do.

Despite the shock and fear from parents and teens, and the long prison terms for those caught, new cases come into local courthouses every week. Authorities tell The Defenders that the predator's playbook is constantly changing. 

From Lincoln Park to Belleville, you'll hear about real stories of local sexual predators and what can be learned from them so kids don't fall for their traps.