Chance the cat gets a second chance with the help of friends

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Every morning hundreds, if not thousands of people across Metro Detroit log on to Facebook and get a message from a dear friend of theirs.  That friend is a cat.

With 12,000 fans, Chance the cat is one popular guy, whose owner gives Chance a “voice” to give his fans an uplifting message each day.

What is Chance’s story? This cat got a second chance, big time.  He was in a high-kill shelter. He had no use of his back legs, couldn’t walk and was scheduled to be put down.

Dee Najera rescued Chance from that shelter and his rehab journey began.

Chance began a year of therapy at Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation and Therapy for Pets  with Dr. Tari Kern that included acupuncture, the use of a custom cat wheelchair and exercise eventually got Chance walking again. 

Rehab is expensive and hat’s where Diana Rascano comes in.

Diana has her own group online.

4Paws1Heart works nonstop to raise money to cover the vet bills of animals in need, like Chance.

Diana started the goup six years ago and so far, Diana and 4Paws1Heart has raised and spent close to $500,000 on vet care for 4000 animals in need.

Chance is enjoying his second chance as he connects with friends on Facebook.

Countless animals in the future will get a second chance thanks to 4Paws1Heart. 

Love animals and want to help Diana?

Click on the video and she will tell you how she raises funds to help so many in need.

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