Mayor Mike Duggan tackles sky-high auto insurance rates


DETROIT – It’s no secret that Michigan residents, especially Detroiters, pay high rates for auto insurance.

A new effort is brewing in Lansing that gives many a reason to believe that a new idea can succeed where so many others have failed.

Mayor Mike Duggan now says he’s on board with trying to get every driver in the state more money in their pocket by teaming up with an unlikely ally.

Detroit auto industry retiree Lawrence Birchfield depends on public transportation. He says he doesn’t own a car because car insurance rates are just too high for him.

"It is outrageous," Birchfield said.

To prove his point, he carries around his law insurance quote on an old reconditioned Ford Escort with an annual estimate of $8000 a year. An estimate, he says, is worth more than the actual car itself.

"We have the highest insurance rates in the country,” said Mike Duggan when discussing current car insurance rates for Michiganders. “God bless the people of Detroit, theirs are even worse."

According to records, half of all Detroiters don’t buy insurance and most border state drivers register out of state to save money.

Duggan says there's a whole new coalition forming and he's determined to get this effort to make real changes happen for drivers in the state.


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