Wayne County Judge: Only 22,000 out of 62,000 showed up for jury duty last year

DETROIT – According to court records, 62,000 people were called in for jury duty by Wayne County last year, but only 22,000 showed up.

A  top judge in Wayne County said that number is not OK.

“It's not acceptable to ignore a jury summons,” said Judge Robert Columbo Jr.

Those who skipped their jury duties were given a choice by Judge Columbo Jr. – either face a judge and explain why you missed jury duty or go into the pool again to get on another case.

I don't think we would want judges trying all the cases --- I think having a fresh jury --- for a better and fairer system."

Most of the people who were asked to explain their absence agreed to come back and report for jury duty, while the others had legitimate reasons and were excused.