Cars destroyed by tree knocked down by wind on Detroit's west side

Neighbors say trees have been problem for years

DETROIT – Wind brought down a large tree on Detroit’s west side early Sunday morning, and neighbors say trees in the area have been causing problems for years.  

Winds reached up to 30 mph overnight, knocking down the tree on Lauder Street near Schoolcraft Road and Grand River Avenue.

Three vehicles were damaged by the tree that neighbors said sounded like an explosion when it fell.

Two of the cars damaged belonged to Joshua Ledbetter’s family. He said he thought someone had hit his car.

William Buchanan wants the rotting trees on the block to be cut down.

"All of them need to be cut down before they kill somebody," he said.

The fallen branches have been removed, but the families are working on figuring out rides to work and school, and are dealing with insurance.

If trees are on private property, they are the homeowner’s responsibility. Trees on city property that concern citizens can be reported to General Services Forestry at 313 871-5461.

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