Hazel Park man rescued by firefighters after semi truck falls on top of car on I-696 in Warren

Firefighters spent hour trying to rescue man from crushed car

WARREN, Mich. – A Hazel Park man was rescued Monday from a crushed car after a semi truck fell on top of it on I-696 near Mound Road in Warren.

Firefighters spent more than an hour working to get the man out of the Chevy Impala, which was completely crushed by the semi truck's trailer.

Police aren't saying who's at fault in the crash, but it appears the man will be OK. The man's family won't talk about the incident, but Warren Mayor Jim Fouts posted on social media Monday night to say the man is expected to be just fine.

As of Monday night, the man is still in the hospital, officials said.

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The crash couldn't have happened in a worse spot. The semi truck overturned right on top of the Impala at the Mound Road Exit and slid to a stop underneath the 11 Mile Road overpass. Residents said incidents happen often in the area because the exit ramp is tricky to navigate.

"It happens all the time, but we've never seen it like this before," a neighbor said.

Residents gathered near the edge of the freeway as firefighters used the Jaws of Life to extract the man from the car. People said they were afraid of what the outcome would be after they saw the aftermath of the crash.

"We just heard a bunch of metal crunching," one resident said.

"The firefighters were incredible," another resident said.

One wrong move by the firefighters and the man could have been crushed, officials said.

Friends of the man said he was on his way to work in what was a new car.

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