Student hospitalized after brawl in Romulus High School classroom

Video shows students throwing punches


ROMULUS, Mich. – A student was taken to the hospital Wednesday after a massive brawl broke out in a Romulus High School classroom.

Video shows punches flying and students screaming as chaos erupted in the classroom. You can see video of the fight below.

The video was recorded by a student who pulled out a cellphone during the brawl and sent the video to virtually everyone in the school. It shows two students who appear to be out of control.

The students said the student being beaten up in the video was picking on a smaller student and a classmate didn't like it, so he intervened. Students said that type of behavior is fairly standard.

"I didn't think of this as anything out of the ordinary," one student said.

In addition to blurring out the faces in the video, Local 4 also cleaned up the audio as students hurled racial slurs at one another.

Some students said that type of incident makes them afraid to go to school.

"I think it all depends on who you like to hang out with," one student said. "Bad will happen to you."

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