Wayne County Sheriff's reserve commander pleads guilty to identity theft

Cmdr. Wilson Roberts pleads guilty to identity theft, intent to defraud

DETROIT – A commander with the Wayne County Sheriff's Reserve Division pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges related to his day job as a car salesman.

Cmdr. Wilson Roberts pleaded guilty to identity theft and obtaining a signature with the intent to defraud.

Roberts was a veteran volunteer with the Sheriff's Office and drove a police cruiser to the car dealership where he has worked as a car salesman for three months. The dealership is on Woodward Avenue just up the street from the Sheriff's Office.

In September, Roberts was charged with larceny by conversion after taking cash up front from two different customers and allegedly pocketing it. Soon after, the Sheriff's Office was told about their reserve deputy and the charges he faced.

Sources said police found it odd Roberts would park a sheriff's cruiser in the dealership's visitor's lot, telling coworkers that it had weapons in it and he needed to keep an eye on it.

Roberts took a plea agreement Wednesday to drop two charges of larceny by conversion, which translates to cheating people out of their money and property.

You can watch Shawn Ley's full story in the video posted above.

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