Wild Ride: A cop car stolen with a handcuffed woman inside

Only the Defenders have the video - Tonight at 11 on Local 4 News

DETROIT – The Defenders obtained exclusive new video of an unusual police chase that took place right here in Metro Detroit. It's unusual because police were chasing after one of their own patrol cars. It was stolen right off the street at the scene of the crime with a drunk driving suspect handcuffed in the back seat.

At that point it became a kidnapping. Defender Kevin Dietz talks to the 27-year-old victim about her wild ride. You can see the entire Defenders report tonight on Local 4 News at 11.

Here's part of the transcript of some dramatic moments:

(Cop over radio) “He’s taking off in my car with the female in the back.”

(Dispatch) “She is in a patrol car"? (Officer) “She is in back handcuffed. Confirmed.”

(Dispatch) “Did the car have a weapon in it?” (Officer) “A shotgun and a rifle.”

You'll hear firsthand from the victim about how it all happened. She relives how the patrol car she was in took off on a dangerous high speed chase down busy roads, running stop signs at speeds over 80 miles per hour, all while she was handcuffed and scared in the back seat with a stranger driving.

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