Detroit travelers affected by Spirit Airlines cancellations

Travelers at Detroit Metro Airport and around the country are facing flight cancellations due to a labor dispute between Spirit Airlines and the pilots' union.

Spirit flights from Detroit to Las Vegas, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. and Denver, Colo. were canceled Tuesday, in addition to hundreds of flights nationwide.

Last night, a fight at the Hollywood Fort Lauderdale airport was caught on a cellphone video after flights, including one headed to Detroit, were canceled.

Monica Essley and her friend were traveling from Detroit to Myrtle Beach, S.C. but they found out their flight was canceled when they got in line to check their baggage.

Essley said she got on another flight that was delayed. It took her 36 hours to get to Myrtle Beach, and she said she’s not sure how she’s getting home.

"They're not taking care of people to get them on another flight," Essley said.

Pilots said that the airline is dragging its feet handing out raises, while Spirit said the pilots are being unreasonable.

Spirit has put information online to help passengers rebook.

If you purchased your ticket with a credit card, check to see if you have trip protection. Also, save your receipts and information regarding, as they can be helpful when seeking a refund or credit with the airline.

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