94-year-old Michigan World War II veteran wins Detroit Tigers season tickets

He chose to receive his prize as a cash payment


LANSING – A World War II veteran hit the sports fan jackpot.

A Muskegon man who received a Home Run Riches ticket for his 94th birthday got the gift of a lifetime when his ticket was selected as a winner of 2018 Detroit Tigers season tickets.

Stanley Jastrzembski, a lifelong Tigers fan, won the big prize with a ticket bought at the Wesco, located at 1858 Ruddiman Drive in North Muskegon.

“Winning makes me feel like $1 million,” said Jastrzembski. “This is a great gift!”

Jastrzembski’s winning raffle number was selected in the Home Run Riches April 12 bonus drawing. He chose to receive his prize as a cash payment of about $10,000 rather than season tickets.

“I’ve loved the Tigers my whole life,” said Jastrzembski. “I’ve cheered for them no matter their record.”

Jastrzembski will see his favorite team play at least one game in person this season. The Lottery and Detroit Tigers provided the World War II veteran with tickets for a game later this year.

“I can’t wait to get to the ballpark to see them play,” Jastrzembski said.