Retired Detroit police officer's home robbed by 4 young men

Johnnie Rogers' home robbed on Mother's Day

DETROIT – A retired Detroit police officer whose home was ransacked on Mother's Day said she's not going to let some petty thieves run her out of her neighborhood.

Johnnie Rogers released security camera video of the thieves hitting her home on Detroit's west side. She hopes the video will help officials catch the crooks.

Rogers is a retired Detroit police officer who loves her neighborhood and community, and refuses to leave.

She wants the four young thieves to be caught.

"I saw them running through the house with my bag, my bag, you know, and that's heartbreaking," Rogers said.

As a retired police officer, Rogers has seen her fair share of home invasions, but that doesn't make this incident easier.

"I don't understand," Rogers said. "How can you break into someone's home and not know who's on the other side of the door?"

Rogers was at church when the thieves broke in. She called her neighbor to find out what was going on.

"I received an alert from my alarm company," Rogers said. "To (my neighbor's) surprise, there were four young men going into my home."

You can see the security camera videos below.

She said the thieves stole a computer, an iPad, jewelry and shoes. She hopes the four young men will learn from what they did.

"I will not want your parents to be on television saying, 'Oh he was a good kid,' because my question to you would be, on what day?" Rogers said.

Rogers said the robbery doesn't take away from her strong love for her community, which she served for 26 years.

"They're not going to stop me from living and they're not going to force out," Rogers said. "I'm going to be here."

Rogers' home was broken into 14 years ago on Mother's Day, also while she was at church, so this was a familiar feeling for her. She said she hopes this will be the last time.