2 women arrested for attacking parking attendant over $15 ticket in Detroit's Greektown

Parking attendant was handing out $15 tickets in Greektown

DETROIT – Two women were arrested Tuesday night after police said they attacked a parking attendant who gave them a $15 parking ticket in Detroit's Greektown.

Police said the female attendant was giving out tickets along Monroe Avenue. She ticketed one of the vehicles and two young women started attacking her.

Officials arrived and took the two alleged assailants into custody.

"It was very vicious," Detroit police Sgt. Terrance Grimes said. "She put up a fight and she didn't take it lightly. She fought back aggressively, trying to protect herself. At that time, I was able to intervene and separate the perpetrator."

The traffic attendant was loaded into an ambulance to receive medical attention. Her condition was not disclosed, but she walked to the ambulance under her own power.

Police said the attendant was handing out $15 parking tickets. Grimes said it was ridiculous that the woman attacked the attendant over the ticket.

Police have shut down the road as they investigate the incident.

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