Do Michigan's governor and other top officials deserve a raise?

DETROIT – The Elected Officials Compensation Commission says it's time for a raise.

The recommendation is to restore the governor, Lt. governor, attorney general, and secretary of state to their 2010 salary levels. Below is what each is making currently and what the recommendation is:

  • Governor $159,300 to $177,600
  • Lt. Governor $111,510 to $123,900
  • Attorney General $112,410 to $124,900
  • Secretary of State $112,410 to 124,900

Michigan's Supreme Court is recommended for a raise as well. The justices haven't had a raise in 17 years. They currently make $164,610; the bump would put them at $181,710.

That may be the recommendation but most of you weren't interested in seeing any of those positions getting a pay raise. "Is Gov. Snyder in need of something, I mean he is not a poor man," Joyce Ross told us.

The raises aren't being proposed because the officials are asking for them, rather the commission charged with setting salaries did the research and made the recommendations.

"At some point you have to get quality for the job so I think why not give them a raise; I think it would attract more people to the job," Bernard Gordon said.

The state Legislature will have to vote on the raises. No recommendation was made to increase the salaries of state representatives and state senators.

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