New program aims to help Michiganders with Parkinson's disease

Did you know there are over 35,000 people in Michigan living with Parkinson’s disease?

Local 4’s Brandon Roux shows us how some are combating the disease with a unique program.

The program is called the Rock Steady Boxing program at the Boxing Rink in Troy.

Parkinson’s disease has no known cure. It’s a neurodegenerative condition that slows motor skills and speech, and causes tremors and stiffness.

The Rock Steady Boxing program motivates the class to fight their symptoms by lacing up and focusing on the physical demands of the class.

Mike Martelli and his team are certified instructors at the Boxing Rink. They say they show no mercy on those taking the Rock Steady class, and many are benefiting from that.

The program delays the disease, and that’s the physical payback.

This Michigan Parkinson’s Foundation group makes it clear they are in each other’s corner.

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