Woman catches USPS driver flinging package at her Northville home

Jennifer Heinrich: 'Just don't do this in the future'

NORTHVILLE, Mich. – A postal worker was caught on camera not handling a package with much care.

The homeowner believes this isn’t the only time something like this has happened.

When Local 4 showed the video, taken last week, to the higher-ups at the Post Office, they launched an investigation into the matter.

Here’s what happened: as Jennifer Heinrich sat inside her house, her security camera alerted her that someone was outside, in the driveway.

“I was able to watch the mail truck pull into my driveway,” Heinrich said.

She checked her phone to see the delivery person dumping a package at her front door.

“It's upsetting and frustrating,” Heinrich said.

The delivery driver never even exited the truck. He flung Heinrich’s package at the home.

“You hear about the struggles of the Post Office (and) financial struggles,” Heinrich said. “And when things like this happen, it doesn't bode well for them. It makes me say, I wonder why. And if I'm going to ship, I'll go UPS or FedEx.”

The box was thrown so hard, it dented the bottle of swimming pool chemicals that was inside the package.

“I definitely think there's some laziness on the part of the employee,” Heinrich said. “I just want to be able to get my things in one piece and I'm sure I'm not the only person this has happened to.”

She posted on Twitter, alerting the USPS of what just happened and included the video.

Days later, Heinrich received a response, saying “No. This is absolutely not OK.”

She was instructed to contact the Northville branch, but that wasn’t very productive, Heinrich said.

“They had no interest in helping me,” Heinrich said. “They didn't apologize. They didn't care to find out any additional information. They just asked to send the video.”

When she called Local 4 and we contacted the Post Office, Heinrich received her apology.

“We apologize for the unprofessional actions demonstrated by this employee and the inconvenience to our customer,” the USPS said. “This type of behavior is not acceptable and will be thoroughly investigated.”

For now, Heinrich is satisfied.

“Just don't do this in the future. And hopefully, other employees realize this is not OK,” Heinrich said.