Woman drives off with Waterford police officer clinging to roof of car

WATERFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A Waterford Township police officer sustained injuries after he was hit by a vehicle driven by a woman who was attempting to flee officers.

According to the Waterford Township Police Department, a teenage girl left a CVS drug store near Crescent Lake Road and Highland Road in Waterford Township sometime after midnight.

After leaving the store, the girl noticed a vehicle driving slowly in the parking lot. The teen proceeded to make her way home and noticed that the same vehicle that was being driven by a woman was following her home.

Once the teen arrived home, she notified her mother that the woman who was following her parked next door to the teen’s home. The mother contacted the Waterford Police Department and reported that the woman who had followed her daughter home was now in their backyard.

Once officers arrived on scene, they found the woman walking back to her car. When officers approached her vehicle, she accelerated and the officers began a pursuit.

The pursuit led the officers and the woman to a dead-end road, where she was again approached by officers.

An officer drew his weapon and approached the woman when she quickly accelerated toward the officer, striking him and causing him to land on top of the hood of her vehicle.

The officer fired shots into the car, but did none of the bullets hit the woman.

The officer was thrown from the vehicle and another pursuing officer took over. The woman eventually stopped her vehicle and fled on foot.

Police said she was found hiding behind a nearby business a short time later by tracking dogs.
She was arrested and taken to a hospital for superficial wounds.

Police said the officer who was hit by her vehicle sustained non-life-threatening injuries. He was released from the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

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