VIDEO: Good Samaritan jumps into action to help driver having a seizure

A good Samaritan jumped into action in Dixon, Illinois on Friday when he saved a driver who was having a seizure. The incident was captured on a police dash cam.

A vehicle is seen rolling through a stoplight, where it nearly hits other vehicles. It turns out the driver was having a seizure and had lost control of the car.

According to a report from WMAQ, Randy Thompkins saw what was happening and got out of his truck to help.

Watch the video above.

Thompkins runs up to the sedan that was still moving and hops in through the passenger side window. He then puts the car in park.

Officers assisted the driver who was having a seizure and brought them to a local hospital as a precaution. Police later thanked Thompkins for his heroism and for coming to the aid of a complete stranger.

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