VIDEO: Would-be thief caught stuffing his pants with 15 bottles of oil

A would-be thief in Florida was caught stuffing his pants with 15 bottles of Penzoil and 30 DVDs.

Security video shows William Jason Hall walking into a 7-11 in Lakeland, Florida. Moments later he is seen waddling out, holding up his pants to keep them from falling.

Watch the video above.

According to a Facebook post from the Polk County Sheriff's Department, a detective in an unmarked patrol car was parked outside watching the whole thing through the front window. The detective saw Hall put 15 quart-sized bottles of Penzoil in his pants along with 30 DVDs.

The detective escorts the Hall back inside where he proceeds to unload the treasure trove of oil and movies.

Hall faces a charge of petit theft. It is his third such charge, making it a felony.

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