Dog living in storm drain evades capture for months

German shepherd draws attention in Texas


A German shepherd has been living in a storm drain and avoiding capture for months in a Texas town, WFAA reported.

The dog isn't stuck. The pup has gone in and out of the sewer as it pleases, Grand Prairie Animal Services told WFAA. 

Area residents' first sighting was about six months ago. They have since named the dog Cassie.

They are fascinated by the dog but also concerned. Neither the residents nor animal services have been able to get the dog out of the drainage system.

"It's good that we got the attention, but we also need people to understand that we do have it under control," animal service manager Danielle Tate told WFAA.

Animal services is working with a neighbor to try to rescue the dog. 

"We haven't been able to catch him. He takes off and runs," Tate said.