Luxury apartment residents living without air conditioning, working elevator in Detroit

DETROIT – A 15-story apartment complex in Downtown Detroit is not only without air conditioning, but also without working elevators.

The air conditioning has not been on yet this year and the one working elevator went down Wednesday.

Residents said they're getting the runaround from management.

With the heat wave setting in, residents who are paying top dollar to live in the complex are wondering where the luxury in their luxury apartments has gone.

"I get a 'hottitude' every time I climb the stairs, and I'm drenched with sweat," resident Linda Dillard said.

Dillard lives on the fourth floor and is one of many residents forced to live without air conditioning or working elevators.

"It's bad," she said. "There are seniors that live in the building. There are handicapped people who can't do the stairs."

The passenger elevator in the building has been down since last year and the freight elevator broke down on Wednesday.

"We're suffering," resident Jeff Baker said. "You walk upstairs -- you're hot from doing that, then you're going to your hot apartment."

A December email from management said they decided to upgrade both the passenger and freight elevators and that it would take a month to do so.

Now, six months later, nothing has changed.

"The management company, they offered coffee and donuts, but who wants coffee on a 90-degree day?" Dillard said. "Doughnuts are not gonna get you up and down the stairs."

The management company blamed the air conditioning problem on DTE.

A DTE representative said the complex has an internal equipment issue and until that's fixed, they're not able to restore service.

"With the 90-degree days ahead, there's no relief in sight," Dillard said. "Someone needs to step up and do something."

A representative from the city of Detroit said they inspected the building as soon as they heard about the elevator problem.

The apartment complex has been issued a misdemeanor ticket and inspectors are set to meet with the owner of the complex Monday to address the concerns.

However, there's no violation for non-working air conditioning.

Here is the full statement from the Great Lakes Tower Condominium Association:

"The Great Lakes Tower Condominium Association is the representative association of the co-owners of the Great Lakes Towers Condominium. The Association, like any other self-governing homeowner's association, oversees the operation and maintenance of its common elements and facilities on behalf of its fellow co-owners of units in the condominium.

"The Association is continuing to address the swift resolution of the difficult maintenance and repair issues affecting its elevator and air conditioning systems. In addition to providing constant communications and updates to residents, the Association has been working with and engaging the expertise of its retained professional management company and its qualified licensed HVAC and elevator contractors to address and resolve these issues in the safest possible manner and in the shortest possible period of time. 

"The Association is also working in close cooperation with all municipal authorities to ensure they are fully appraised of the details regarding the mechanical issues involved, and has delivered to the Building Safety Engineering and Environmental Department a comprehensive and detailed Action Plan outlining numerous procedures being implemented to address and ensure the health, safety and comfort of our co-owners and residents until the necessary replacement parts can be sourced and repairs can be completed.

"The safety, security, health and and well-being of our fellow co-owners and residents is our number one priority and we are doing everything in our power to resolve this issue as soon as possible."

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