Lake Orion schools to resume activities as search continues for missing teen with stolen gun

Nathan Greiwe believed to have run away with stolen handgun


LAKE ORION, Mich. – Lake Orion Community Schools have announced that all summer programs, activities and events scheduled for Wednesday will resume with increased security despite the ongoing search for a missing teen who is believed to be armed with a handgun.

Nathan Charles Greiwe, 16, of Orion Township, ran away from home Monday, and police said his grandfather is missing a handgun and ammunition.

Here's the latest update from Lake Orion schools:

"Although the teen’s whereabouts are still unknown, we recognize that many of our families are dependent on our summer programming. As a result, we will resume Wednesday, June 21st with increased security coverage and measures at those facilities offering student activities.

"We will be using the services of SafeEd, which is the district’s security provider during the regular school year. These individuals will be recognizable by their bright yellow shirts and a vehicle with the company logo predominately displayed on the sides. In addition, the Oakland County Sheriff will have increased presence throughout the district."

Here's Monday night's update from Lake Orion Superintendent Marion Ginopolis, who decided to cancel all activities for Tuesday:

"As you are aware, this morning I dismissed all children from summer programs, athletic practices, and other events held throughout the district as a result of a report from the Oakland County Sheriff related to a runaway teen who, reportedly, was in possession of a weapon and ammunition. And, as I'm sure you are also aware from the multitude of media reports, the teen is a former Lake Orion student; however, he has not been a student in our district for the past two years as he has been in Oakland County Children's Village, although scheduled to be released on Tuesday. Because he made mention that he was coming to the high school to "try out" for football, precautionary measures were taken today to ensure the safety of all children attending summer activities as well as staff members in the various school facilities.

"As of this writing (6:30 p.m. Monday evening), the teen has not been located. The Sheriff Department has sent out this notice: "Caution should be used when this person is seen and anyone who sees him should call 911."

"I am going to continue with closing summer programs, activities, and events until I am notified that this young man has been apprehended. While I know, and regret, that children will be disappointed they can't attend planned activities and I recognize the inconvenience to families, I am unwilling to take any chances that potentially could endanger children or adults in the district.

"Because many parents will need to make child-care arrangements, I am notifying you this evening that all district activities, events, practices, etc. for Tuesday, June 20th are cancelled. In order to avoid confusion, in the event he is apprehended some time tonight, the cancellation will still remain in place on Tuesday.

"I will continue to keep you updated."

Greiwe is believed to have the left home between 4:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. 

Authorities said the boy was home for a weekend pass from Oakland County Children's Village due to a "similar incident" in 2015 and "incorrigibility." Police said Greiwe stole a handgun in 2015 and the investigation revealed that he stole the handgun to sell for money.

Greiwe was due to be released from Oakland County Children's Village Tuesday.

Law enforcement said the boy took a car from his home and may have taken a pistol. It's unknown if he is armed.

The Lake Orion Community Schools district serves the communities of Lake Orion and Orion Township. It also serves parts of Oxford Township, Oakland Township and Independence Township.

The following schools are part of the district:

  • Blanche Sims Elementary School
  • Carpenter Year Round Elementary School
  • Lake Orion High School
  • Oakview Middle School
  • Orion Oaks Elementary School
  • Paint Creek Elementary School
  • Pine Tree Elementary School
  • Scripps Middle School
  • Stadium Drive Elementary School of the Arts
  • Waldon Middle School
  • Webber Elementary School
  • Early Childhood Program and Education

Greiwe is described as white, 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighs 140 pounds and has brown hair.