VIDEO: Tourists attacked and robbed by four men in New Orleans French Quarter

This shocking surveillance video shows two tourists being attacked and robbed in the New Orleans French Quarter Saturday night. The video was released by New Orleans police in hopes of finding the suspects. One attacker has turned himself in to authorities.

The tourists are seen walking back to their hotel when a group of four men come up behind them and knock them to the ground. One of the victims appears to be instantly knocked unconscious. The group robs the two men of their belongings and take off.

Watch the video above.

A report from WDSU says that the victims were taken to the hospital and one was left in critical condition. They were tourists from Boston who were in New Orleans for the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

According to WDSU, one of the attackers surrendered Monday and was arrested for second-degree robbery. A second suspect was also arrested. They appeared in court Tuesday.


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