VIDEO: California pursuit ends with officer using PIT maneuver

A Los Angeles pursuit Tuesday night ended when an officer executed a PIT maneuver on the suspect's car. Chopper video shows the pursuit and the maneuver that brought the chase to an end.

The suspect is being pursued on a highway by multiple law enforcement vehicles. He uses his indicator before merging onto the exit ramp. The suspect nearly comes to a complete stop at a stop sign before continuing.

Watch the video above.

Moments later, one of the officers executes the PIT maneuver, bumping the suspect's vehicle and causing it to spin out into a light pole. Other officers pull up seconds after and draw their guns on the driver. The driver follows the officers' instructions as he exits the vehicle. 

The driver was taken into custody without further incident.

According to KNBC, the Jeep Renegade that the suspect was driving had been reported stolen from an area east of San Francisco.


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