VIDEO: Naked man tased after slapping officer in Houston

A naked man was stunned with a taser on a train platform in Houston after slapping an officer. The incident took place June 6 and was captured on cell phone video.

The man is naked inside the light rail train holding a pesticide sprayer he had allegedly stolen from the transit system's groundskeeping crew. The officer is standing outside the door and appears to already have his taser drawn. He snatches the sprayer from the naked man, who then slaps the officer. The man is immediately stunned by the officer and falls to the ground.

Watch the video above.

According to KPRC, the assailant was stunned two times.

He told officers he had smoked marijuana, but a Houston Police Department spokesperson said that doesn't necessarily explain his mental state or actions.

A witness says that prior to the officers responding, the naked man was using the pesticide sprayer to spray people on the train platform.

The nude assailant is 49 years old. Court records say he is originally from Kansas and currently homeless. He was charged with two counts of bodily injury to a police officer. He is currently in jail.


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