Driver angrily runs over fireworks show in Roseville

Woman runs down fireworks show in middle of street

ROSEVILLE, Mich. – Residents in a Roseville neighborhood are furious after a woman purposely ran over their fireworks show in the middle of the street.

The buzz on Fernwood Street near Frazho Road in Roseville isn't about the fireworks display put on by Gregory Solomon and his family. Instead, everyone's talking about the neighbor down the block.

"I just saw the car come flying down the street," Solomon said.

Witnesses said the car sped up, aiming right toward the box of rocket launchers. The car nearly hit Solomon's grandson as he lit a rocket launcher firework in the middle of the street.

"She knew what she was doing," Solomon said. "If I hadn't told my grandson to get out of the street, she would have hit him."

Instead, the car ran over the lit fireworks in the middle of the street.

"They see the first firework shoot up (and) they just speed up," Solomon said. "Boom. Hit the box, dragged the box near my neighbor's driveway."

It sent the dozens of children and adults watching the show looking for cover.

"They're flying, and they look like war zone as they're coming at you," Solomon said. "It went into the lady's house down the street."

The burn on Jodi Noland's window shows how close the explosives came to hitting her children sitting on their porch.

"It could have been deadly if it had hit my kids instead of the window," Noland said. "I'm more mad about what she put on social media."

The neighbor who drove the car posted, "Yes I'm the (expletive) who ran over your fireworks and made y'all run for cover. Maybe next time you'll have more consideration for people driving down the street.

"The pissed off looks on my neighbor's faces (made it) so worth it."

Solomon is furious, but insists she hasn't seen how angry he can be.

"I swear to God if something would have happened to one of my grandbabies, you wouldn't be here talking about fireworks," Solomon said. "You would be out here for a whole different ballgame."