WATCH: Officials provide Fraser sinkhole repair update

FRASER, Mich. – Replacement pipe for the 15 Mile Road sewer collapse which created a sinkhole in December is ready to be installed, the Macomb County Public Works office said. 

The sinkhole formed beneath homes Dec. 24, 2016 after a sewer collapsed along 15 Mile Road between Utica and Hayes road. Three homes on Eberlein Drive were condemned. Two of them were demolished. Repairs on the collapsed sewer have been ongoing ever since. 

A 9-foot 2-inch diameter pipe will be used to replace the collapsed pipe and will line the inside of 3,700 feet of pipe immediately east of the collapse, the Public Works Office said.

Macomb County Public Works Commissioner Candice Miller provided an update on the repairs Thursday morning. 

Watch the update above.

Here is video of the work progress on Thursday:

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