LIVE STREAM: President Trump, President Macron hold press conference in Paris

Trump arrived in the French capital after an overnight flight from Washington


PARIS – President Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron deliver remarks to the press from Paris. Trump is in Paris at the invitation of Macron to attend Bastille Day events.

Watch it below:

 President Donald Trump and his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, are looking to set aside differences on trade and climate change and find common ground as they meet Thursday ahead of Bastille Day celebrations in Paris.

Trump arrived in the French capital after an overnight flight from Washington and hours before his meeting with Macron to tackle potential solutions to the crisis in Syria and broader counterterrorism strategies.

Trump's decision last month to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate accord sparked outrage across Europe and anti-Trump protests are planned while he is in Paris. Macron, a staunch advocate of research to combat global warming, has beckoned "all responsible citizens," including American scientists and researchers, to bring their fight against climate change to France.

The leaders plan to hold a news conference after their talks, and Trump may face tough questions about emails revealing that his eldest son welcomed the prospect of receiving Russian government support in last year's presidential campaign against Hillary Clinton.

Trump came to his son's defense Wednesday, praising Donald Trump Jr.'s performance in an interview on Fox News Channel. Trump tweeted: "He was open, transparent and innocent. This is the greatest Witch Hunt in political history. Sad!"

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