Schuette charges 3 people, including 2 Michigan dentists, with Medicaid fraud

Attorney General Bill Schuette discusses charges in connection to the Flint water crisis. (WDIV)

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette charged three people, including two dentists, with Medicaid fraud as part of the nation’s largest ever healthcare fraud takedown.

Najah Roumayah, 71, of West Bloomfield, and David Dickey, 67, of Camden, were both charged with Medicaid fraud-false claim.

Marie Denard, 31, of Macomb, was charged with 25 counts of Medicaid fraud-false claim and one count of false pretenses.

The Michigan Attorney General’s Office said the Health Care Fraud Division used data-mining that uncovered the alleged frauds.

Roumayah allegedly billed Medicaid for dental services not performed between 2012 and 2016. Roumayah’s dental practice is located in Berkley, Michigan.

Dickey is also accused of billing Medicaid for dental services not performed between 2012 and 2015. Dickey’s dental practice is located in Camden, Michigan.

Denard was the owner and operator of Going Forward Transport and was allegedly paid over $10,000 of Michigan Children’s Special Health Services that were allegedly never provided to Medicaid beneficiaries. Denard also allegedly submitted false claims for payment that were never paid.

The charges were announced as part of a massive health care fraud enforcement action in which more than 400 people across the country were charged.

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“Medicaid fraud is a serious issue across the country,” Schuette said. “Most individuals rely on the specialized knowledge of medical professionals to take care of their medical needs, asking for their expert help in good faith and trusting them to both help them and uphold the law. Unfortunately, there are individuals whose greed overshadows patient care, and it is important those individuals are found, stopped, and held accountable for their crime.

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