Cars vandalized in Downriver communities

Close to dozen vehicles vandalized overnight

LINCOLN PARK, Mich. – It was a busy night for thieves in several Downriver communities as many people woke up to find their cars sitting on blocks.

Close to a dozen vehicles were vandalized overnight in at least two communities. Police in Allen Park and Lincoln Park are working to find out if the same group is responsible.

Jolenne Hurley unfortunately gets to experience the pain of going nowhere due to some tire-thieving thugs.

"They had to do it super fast," Hurley said. "I work hard to pay for my car. Somebody going to steal my rims and tires and then sell them, it's ridiculous."

Sometime overnight between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. Saturday, crooks propped up her Ford Edge, jacking the working mom's chrome rims despite her car being parked in a well-lit spot.

"Right next to handicapped. Right next to my house," Hurley said.

While it looks bad and is bad for Hurley, whoever ripped off her tires is likely involved in other thefts in Lincoln Park as well. Police said they had four more cars hit overnight, and now they're piecing all this together. It may be connected.

"They need to find who is doing this because if it's all in the same area, it has to be the same people," Hurley said.

Lincoln park police told Local 4 News that during the same time frame, four cars were vandalized at a complex on Fort Street and Outer Drive.

"For it to keep happening, it's out of control," Hurley said.