Coyote fears cause Auburn Hills residents to take matters into their own hands

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. – Coyotes have been getting a bit too close to humans in Auburn Hills, and residents are concerned.

Signs around Churchill Street warn of the coyotes. A mother coyote and her three pups can be seen regularly in the neighborhood, especially at night.

"If you approach them when they have pups in their den, it can get kind of scary,” said American Legion Post 143 Commander Phil Harrison.

The animals get close to the post’s pavilion, which is used for parties.

"These coyotes have lost their fear of humans and they're here to stay,” said Mark Evans, of Critter Be Gone. “The only way to signal to them that we are after them is to trap them or hunt them down."

Evans is a licensed Department of Natural Resources trapper.

According to Harrison, the DNR said it will trap coyotes if there are complaints, but no one has complained yet.

Resident Ben Kolasinski has two small dogs that he won’t let out of his sight now.

"People like to exercise and walk through the neighborhood, but now nobody wants to do anything. It's kind of like you're stuck in your home,” he said.

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