Inaugural Detroit Kite Festival brings out best in city

Event held at Belle Isle

DETROIT – Kites filled the sky at Belle Isle on Sunday as the inaugural Detroit Kite Festival kicked off.

The event included music and performances by the Detroit Windjammers.

The Detroit Kite Festival organization won a grant funded by the Belle Isle Conservancy to host the event.

Kites soared through the sky and the weather was described as “just about perfect.”

“People don’t understand how fun this is,” said participant Miles Maxey, who took his grandkids along for the event.

The festival revolved around the idea of bringing people together. It brought out people of all ages.

Longtime kite lover Eugene Remisiewicz, who goes by the name “Mean Gene,” just turned 91 last month, he said.

Perhaps most importantly, event director Margo Delal said, there was something for everyone to enjoy at the event.

“To me, it really shows the power of Detroiters and the power of coming together and organizing -- and putting something together collectively,” she said. “And I really hope that the nation or world sees it as a positive event that's happening in Detroit.”

Organizers hope to be able to host the event again next year.

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