BODYCAM: Police shooting in Las Vegas after robbery suspect runs, reaches for gun

A police shooting took place in a Las Vegas parking lot last week after an alleged robbery suspect led an officer on a foot pursuit and reached for a gun. Body cam footage of the incident was released over the weekend.

The video shows Officer Jeff Burr approach suspect Giuseppe Russo in the parking lot with his gun drawn. Russo takes off and a chase ensues, with the two darting in between cars and Burr shouting for the suspect to get on the ground. At one point, Russo is seen reaching into his waistband for what appears to be a gun. That's when Burr opened fire.

Watch the video above.

According to KSNV, Russo was hit in the arm and hip. The 32-year-old suspect was hospitalized. His gun was recovered at the scene.

Authorities say Burr was responding to a recovered stolen vehicle in the parking lot when the encounter took place.



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