Comerica Park announces use of new biometric security service

DETROIT – Have you ever arrived to a Detroit Tigers game at Comerica Park to find security lines wrapped around the block?

Those days are now over as starting Tuesday July 25th fans will have the option of enrolling in a new biometric service, which will allow them to skip the security lines.

The free service titled "CLEAR" allows fans to bypass the security lines with just a touch of a finger.

According to Comerica Park officials, enrollment in the free "CLEAR" service takes minutes and fans can begin using the service immediately after they are enrolled.

Though the service is currently only available at Gate A of Comerica Park, located on Witherell Street.

"Detroit is an amazing sports town with a loyal fan base and we couldn't be more excited to partner with the Tigers," said CLEAR CEO Caryn Seidman-Becker in a recent Tigers press release.

"CLEAR" is also available at more than 30 other airports and sports venues across the country, including Detroit's Metro Airport.

The "CLEAR" service is free at ballparks across the country. For $15 a month, the service can be used at airports. Kids under 18 are free.  It is free for Tigers fans who signup at the ballpark.

For more information on the "CLEAR" service click here.