Driver sentenced in police chase that killed innocent driver in Orion Township

Rasheed Brown sentenced to 100 years in prison

ORION TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A 31-year-old man was sentenced to 100 years behind bars for killing a man during a high-speed police chase in Orion Township.

The crash killed Reo Dockter, 75, in July 2016. The crash was so bad that the engine and transmission were found hundreds of feet away from the van he was driving.

Rasheed Brown had a lengthy criminal history and was running from police after being caught in the middle of a prescription drug ring.

"Doc didn't deserve to have his life end this way," a close friend said. "Without warning, without mercy, without reason. Such a violent end to a beautiful person."

Dockter had a lot of friends, including those from the time he spent serving in the Air Force. Now many people are missing him.

"He was energetic, very active," a friend said. "Involved with family and friends. He loved life and lived it."

Docktor's widow, Deborah, stood up in front of a packed Oakland County courtroom to tell everybody her husband had just retired from General Motors, and they had a lot of plans.

"I have lost the other half of us," she said. "My partner. My supporter. The future we had planned together, the father of my children, father and grandpa to our great-grandchildren."

Docktor was killed by Brown during the police chase, which reached speeds of more than 95 mph. A jury convicted Brown of second-degree murder.

Brown slammed into the back of Docktor's van, killing him almost instantly, police said.

Oakland County deputies said Brown was involved in an illegal prescription drug ring. When they caught his friend trying to steal prescription drugs from a CVS, Brown took off from the parking lot.

The crash happened at the intersection of Waldon and Baldwin roads in Orion Township. The engine of Docktor's van landed 150 feet away from the crash scene.

"Doc was a beautiful soul, and respectful to others," his friend said. "All those who loved Doc and might have loved him in the future were immensely cheated by his absence."

Brown had a chance to speak in court, and he apologized.

"I would just like to apologize to you all," Brown said. "I'm sorry for taking a life away from you guys."

Despite his remorse, Brown was sentenced to 100-150 years in prison. The judge also pointed out that, despite his convictions, Brown never attempted to do any probation. That was a factor in the severity of his sentence.

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