DASHCAM released of 2014 fatal police shooting in Atlantic City; suspect opened fire on officers

Dashcam footage has been released this week of a fatal shooting by police in Atlantic City, New Jersey three years ago.

The 2014 video shows a police pursuit, with the suspect speeding through residential streets in a dark SUV. The chase ends when the suspect runs through a stop light and collides with another vehicle, causing him to spin out. He gets out of the SUV holding a gun and opens fire on officers. Officers return fire on the suspect.

Watch the video above.

According to WNBC, 27-year-old Antoquan T. Watson was killed when he was shot 45 times by officers. The seven officers fired at least 69 shots in total.

The chase began at a Pleasantville, New Jersey restaurant after police responded to a report of a man who had a gun there. Officials said surveillance video confirmed witness reports of Watson inside the restaurant pointing the gun at the ceiling.

The chase that ensued lasted 11 minutes and covered 10 miles.

None of the officers were charged in the fatal shooting.

A use of force expert reviewed the scene and physical evidence, and ruled that the officers had taken lawful action against Watson given the circumstances.

An autopsy revealed Watson had PCP in his system at the time of the incident.



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