VIDEO: Fisherman rescued from frigid Alaskan waters after being thrown overboard

Four men were saved after being thrown overboard into 47-degree Alaskan waters Monday. The rescue was captured on video by the Unites States Coast Guard.

The footage shows one of the crewmen of the capsized vessel struggling to stay afloat in the frigid waters. He is being helped by the captain, who is wearing a life jacket. The captain pulls the crew member safely onto a seine skiff.

Watch the video above.

According to KTUU, the Grayling fishing vessel began sinking after it overturned near Raspberry Island. Four people were flung overboard. A nearby vessel called the Calista Marie observed the sinking ship and rushed to help, calling the incident in via radio.

The crew of the Calista Marie helped rescue one of the crewmen, and a skiff driver rescued another before the captain of the Grayling jumped into the water to rescue the remaining crew member.

The US Coast Guard airlifted one of the fishermen to a waiting ambulance at the Kodiak Municipal Airport.



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