Former high school classmates to compete as write-in candidates for South Lyon mayor

2 men sign up to run for South Lyon mayor after nobody files by ballot deadline

SOUTH LYON, Mich. – When the election ballot comes out this November in South Lyon, there won't be any names listed as running for mayor because nobody filed by Tuesday's deadline.

But there might be a race for the mayor's office after all.

Local 4 went to South Lyon to find out why nobody in the town of 11,000 people wanted to run for mayor, but we found two candidates who had entered the race, and the campaign is already underway.

"Just filling out the application for write-in mayor," Bill Powell said.

Powell filed Thursday to be a write-in candidate, and he said he knows the other write-in candidate, Dan Pelchat, very well.

"When they told me, I about died laughing," Powell said.

Both Powell and Pelchat grew up in South Lyon and graduated high school together in 2001.

"Either way, we know we'll be in good hands," Pelchat said. "I couldn't be happier that it's you."

"Absolutely," Powell said. "You definitely know there's no mudslinging going on here."

There might not be any mudslinging, but both men are serious about the race. They tried out the mayor's chair and said they feel right at home.

"Definitely getting a new chair," Powell said.

"It feels normal," Pelchat said. "It feels natural."

Who's in the lead? Local 4's Jason Colthorp took a very unscientific poll that consisted of asking both candidates how many votes they think they have.

"Maybe 150?" Pelchat said. "Optimistically."

"Oh, at least 100," Powell said.

"My name's Dan Pelchat, and with me being elected mayor of the city of South Lyon, every day will be a great day," Pelchat said. "Vote for me."

"I'm Bill Powell, and I'm for civility and the citizens of South Lyon," Powell said. "Vote for me."

The race could get even crazier, because people can still join the race until 30 days before the election.

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