Former Taylor school board member who was told he lost re-election finds out he won

Interpretation of the write-in names left Ron Miller with 0 votes

TAYLOR, Mich. – A former Taylor school board member who was told he lost an election last fall found out Thursday that he actually won.

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Ron Miller was on the school board when the election was approaching last fall, but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to run for re-election. When he decided to run, it was after the filing deadline, so he ran as a write-in candidate.

Miller was told he lost to Dave Meyers, and earlier this year Miller filed a lawsuit against Meyers.

Miller said he knew something was wrong with the votes the night of the election because his own vote didn’t show in the tally.

“Precinct one was right around the corner at the school. I vote there. My wife votes there so I knew that there were at least two votes,” Miller said.

The interpretation of the written-in names left him with zero votes in nine precincts.

The recount results showed that he actually won by 44 votes.

Meyers was forced to step down from the board by a Wayne County judge.

Miller said now that the results are in, he will be “making sure the district is financially stable, making sure we have good programs for kids [and] making sure the community continues in a good direction.”

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