Lincoln Park police officer makes unusual rescue when he discovers vandalized driveway

LINCOLN PARK, Mich. – A Lincoln Park police officer made an unusual rescue when he came across something he thought he could fix.

"I just couldn't drive by and leave it," Officer Vince Weir said. The “it” Weir is referring to is the freshly poured concrete on Fort Park Boulevard.

 Lincoln Park has been repaving streets and working on sewers, which means plenty of driveways have been getting ripped up and then poured.

Somebody vandalized one of those freshly poured driveways with tire marks, gouges and doodles. The homeowner called police to complain and Weir responded.

"Being a cement man before I became a police officer I thought I could fix it,” Weir said.

Weir got down on his hands and knees and got to work. A contractor driving by stopped to help him.

In about 20 minutes, the driveway was pristine again. Engineers working on the repaving and pouring estimate Weir's fast action saved the city about $3,000.

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