Police help 75-year-old man get new golf clubs after armed robbery in Clinton Township

Bill Daniels robbed at gunpoint in Clinton Township home

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Two days ago, a Clinton Township man was tied up and robbed in his own home near 14 Mile Road and Gratiot Avenue.

On Thursday, the man got a surprise to make the situation more bearable.

Clinton Township detectives are still trying to figure out who tied up the 75-year-old man and pointed a gun at his head.

Bill Daniels was moving his hose at 7 a.m. Tuesday outside his home when he was attacked.

"He put the gun to my head and said, 'Don't look at me. Turn around,'" Daniels said.

The man forced Daniels from room to room at gunpoint, searching for anything to steal. Then he forced him into the bathtub.

"He told me to sit down," Daniels said. "I figured I'm done. He's going to shoot me here."

Instead, the man came back minutes later, tied Daniels up and left him in a closet. Eventually, Daniels realized the man had left, so he broke free and called 911.

Daniels is still shaken, but he'll be OK. The robber took guns, a coin collection, a Jeep and golf clubs. Of all the things that were taken, Daniels said he's missing his golf clubs the most.

His wife died a year ago, and he said he passes his time by playing golf, but without his clubs, it's like swimming without water.

But detectives stepped in to help. With the help of Carl's Golfland, the Clinton Township Police Department got Daniels a brand new set of golf clubs.

"This is the type of guy that deserves something like this," Detective Jay Anderson said.

It was Anderson's idea to get a replacement set for Daniels while he was working on the case. With the help of Detroit police and FBI agents, they also found Daniels' Jeep, which still has fingerprinting dust on it.

With new clubs and his Jeep back, Daniels said he feels almost whole again, but he wants police to catch the man.

"Can I ask one more favor? When you get him, put him in a room and let me go in there," Daniels said.

Anderson asks anyone with information to call Clinton Township police at 586-493-7800.

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