Video shows van involved in fatal shooting at stop light on Detroit's east side

Police say argument at nearby soup kitchen may have sparked shooting

DETROIT – A video shows the van involved in a fatal shooting Wednesday on Detroit's east side.

The victim was shot and killed while sitting in a white van near the intersection of Conner and Shoemaker streets by Chandler Park Drive.

Investigators said the man was sitting in the front passenger's seat of the white van when shots were fired from a beige van with burgundy trim.

The beige van then drove away.

You can watch the video showing the van below.

The driver of the white van is cooperating with police. He has been speaking to officials on the side of the road near the scene and is trying to help them learn more about what happened.

Police said the incident might have begun down the road at the soup kitchen, where the two men in the white van got into an argument with another man. During the altercation, the third man said something like, "I'll be back," and the two other men left in the white van.

When the third man returned to the soup kitchen, the white van had already left. He caught up to them in traffic and started firing shots, police said.

Investigators placed cones on the ground where shell casings were found, and Local 4 cameras found at least five cones on one side of the van and one casing on the other side.

Witnesses reported hearing six to eight shots.

"It appears currently there was only one shooter involved," Detroit Police Capt. Melissa Gardner said. "However there were two individuals in the other van.

Gardner said the incident ended at Conner and Shoemaker streets, but "the road rage started back toward the Mack and Connor location."

The scene is still active, so drivers and residents should avoid the area. Connor Street is shut off for a stretch at Connor Park Drive.

"As leads come in, we'll continue to update you, but as of right now, it does appear to be a road rage incident," Gardner said.

Police said the shooting might have stemmed from road rage, but it also could have been an altercation that spilled over into the streets and led to a chase until shots were fired.

It was difficult to see anything related to the shooting in surveillance video at a nearby business.

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