Jogger's nose broken, knee fractured in Ypsilanti Township attack

2 men wanted by Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office

YPSILANTI TOWNSHIP, Mich. – What started as an evening jog for a Washtenaw County man quickly turned into a nightmare when two robbers left him beaten and bruised.

A few barking dogs are what residents of the Pineridge subdivision in Ypsilanti Township are used to hearing, but Wednesday night at Willowbridge Road and Big Pine Drive, something jarring caught their attention.

"I saw a man running down the road," said. "He seemed distraught. He was yelling. That caught my attention."

Neighbors heard the cries of a man out for an evening jog moments after someone attacked.

"Something bad had happened or was going on," Nicole Carlson said. "He was limping a bit. He was trying to run, but his face was bloody.

"He was just screaming, 'I've been mugged. I think my nose is broken.' He was limping a bit. His face was bloody."

The Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office is looking for two men who broke the jogger's nose and fractured his knee during the assault. It turns out Carlson, who lives across from the victim, ran across four men right before the assault.

Carlson called 911, and just when she hung up with the operator, she heard those cries.

"Within three to five minutes he came running down the road," Carlson said.

Neighbors said there's been a few car break-ins and vandals, but the jogger endured something more severe. He's doing OK now thanks to neighbors who helped out.