Detroit man busted for drug operation outside historic Downtown hotel

Federal indictment describes 18 separate drug transactions

DETROIT – A Detroit man was named in a federal indictment on drug distribution charges after undercover agents made numerous transactions in front of the Leland Hotel.

Photos obtained by Local 4 show that officials from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives went into the historic hotel, and agents knew exactly where to go.

They went to the room of Ramon Mcconico, where he lived with his wife, Krystal Williams.

Court documents show an informant made purchase after purchase of cocaine from Mcconico outside and around the hotel. It was one-stop shopping. A call would be made and the ATF said Mcconico would deliver the drugs.

It was all part of larger gang activity downtown, officials said.

"Our investigator focused on armed drug traffickers," said ATF Special Agent in Charge Thomas Chittum.

The ATF is focused on taking down a gang called the Griswold Gangstas who are selling dope downtown. In one case, Williams was arrested while selling a handgun.

Eventually, cocaine sales near the Leland Hotel turned into heroin sales.

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Mcconico is accused of distribution of a controlled substance and one count of felon in possession of a firearm.

The federal indictment describes 18 separate drug transactions. Some of the deals were made in Capital Park. Many of them went down in front of the historic Leland Hotel.

The first transaction listed was a controlled purchase of cocaine base by ATF agents in front of the Leland Hotel on April 11, 2016. Over the course of six months, undercover agents allegedly bought thousands of dollars of cocaine and heroin from Mcconico.

In one transaction, Mcconico’s wife, Krystal Williams, allegedly brought drugs to her husband and was involved in the sale to an undercover agent.

In June of 2016, an undercover agent allegedly bought a .45 caliber pistol from Mcconico’s wife for $750. The indictment says she left a small child in the seat of a Dodge Charger while she made the sale.

In a number of the transactions, undercover agents say they witnessed Mcconico meet with his supplier.

Mcconico was convicted of attempted narcotic delivery or manufacture in 2005 and 2008.

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