VIDEO: Firework tossed into South Florida Wendy's explodes near worker

A group of suspects tossed a firework into a South Florida Wendy's restaurant and it was all captured on surveillance video. The incident occurred last month, but the video was released this week.

The footage shows a worker sitting at a table in the fast-food eatery when the door is opened and a lit firework is tossed inside. There is a small explosion at first, followed by a much bigger one that startles the worker who was right near the blast. Sparks and smoke fill the entire section of the restaurant.

Watch the video above.

According to WTVJ, no one was injured in the incident.

Officials in Deerfield Beach, Florida said the "Roman candle type firework" left a 7-inch hole in the base of the wall.

Detectives are still looking for the suspects. They believe eight to ten young men are responsible for the blast.

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