2 shot, killed at bonfire along Central Avenue on Detroit's west side

DETROIT – A man and woman were fatally shot early Friday morning while they were at a bonfire in the 7400 block of Central Avenue on Detroit's west side. 

The people who live next door said there was a small get-together Thursday night for a bonfire. Suddenly, someone showed up and started shooting randomly about 12:30 a.m., they said.

However, there are conflicting stories about how this shooting started. While some witnesses say it was a random shooting, others say there was an argument during the bonfire and someone left but returned shooting. 

Two people were killed: 25-year-old Andrea Gardner and a 25-year-old man. Gardner was shot in her head and died instantly. 

Witnesses said at least 30 shots were fired as they dove behind cars for cover. 

Detroit police investigators are trying to figure out exactly what happened. 

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