TEST YOURSELF: How much do you know about the total solar eclipse? Take the quiz!

Total solar eclipse to move across United States

DETROIT – By now you've probably heard that on Monday a total solar eclipse will move across the United States.

It's an amazing phenomenon that has raised some pretty amazing questions and created some more along the way.

There are some ancient myths and outrageous misconceptions.

How much do you know about the eclipse?

Here are some true/false questions from an expert:

1. T/F: Staring at a total solar eclipse isn't a risk to your eyes because the moon is covering the sun completely

2. T/F: Watching the eclipse while pregnant can harm an unborn baby.

3. T/F: Solar eclipses happen every 18 months somewhere on earth.

4. T/F: Solar eclipses that happen six months after your birthday or on your birthday are a sign of bad health.

5. T/F: The total solar eclipse will last two minutes and 41.2 seconds at the greatest eclipse point, but they can actually last up to 7.5 minutes.

6. T/F: An umbraphile is a shadow lover who chases solar eclipses.

Do you have your answers? Watch Ben Bailey's video at the top of this page to find out if you really know your stuff!

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