Detroit police officer injured in hit-and-run crash

Officer's exact condition remains unknown


DETROIT'S EAST SIDE – A Detroit police officer is hospitalized with minor injuries after his vehicle was struck early Friday morning.

Police tell Local 4 the officer observed two cars chasing each other in the area of Robinwood and Mound Road around 12:15am.

One of the vehicles, crashed into the officer's vehicle, and the driver fled on foot. The officer pursued the driver, who pulled a weapon and pointed it at the officer, who fired two shots back at the suspect.

Neither bullet hit the suspect, who ran away and evaded police, until a police tip led to the suspect's arrest a few blocks away.

The officer reportedly suffered non-life threatening injuries, but his exact condition is unknown at this time.

The driver of the second car drove away after the crash, police are still searching for that car and driver.