Man hurt when run over in downtown Detroit

Man struck early Saturday at Michigan Avenue, Shelby Street

DETROIT – A man is in critical condition after being intentionally run over in downtown Detroit.

The victim was struck by a pickup truck just after 12:30 a.m. when he stepped into the crosswalk at Michigan Avenue and Shelby Street.

Surveillance video shows a white Dodge Ram pickup racing down Michigan Avenue. Seconds before, it was recorded sitting at Shelby Street.

The victim could be seen standing on the sidewalk going back and forth with someone in the pickup. That's when the man can be seen stepping directly in front of the stopped pickup. The driver deliberately runs the man over.

"It's sad that stuff like this happens and people just let an innocent man just get hit," one person said.

Those in the area saw the truck speed off. One woman looked down the street and found the 38-year-old man lying in the street severely injured.

Witnesses told police they heard the driver and victim arguing before the hit-and-run. It left those who frequent downtown a bit concerned.

"Downtown is the life of the city. For people to see stuff like this happen right in front of them, it makes you think twice about maybe going out at night," one person said.

The intersection where the incident happened is a busy one. The surveillance video shows people were around at 12:30 a.m.

Many were oblivious to this serious hit-and-run until emergency crews arrived. Police want anyone in the area early Saturday to think hard and give them a call if they spotted the white pickup before or after the crash.

"It's really important because that man that got hit by that car could be someone's father or brother," one person said.

It's unclear if the victim and driver knew one another. The video didn't capture a plate number.

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