Little Caesars Arena officially opens with Kid Rock concert

New arena opens with protesters in Downtown Detroit

DETROIT – Little Caesars Arena opened Tuesday in Downtown Detroit to the cheers of Kid Rock fans and the chants of protesters.

Regardless of their opinion on Kid Rock, most Detroit residents agreed the new arena is spectacular.

There was a protest and counterprotest before the concert, but police were able to keep the peace. Tensions were high outside the arena as Kid Rock gave his latest stump speech to kick off the concert.

The protesters marched and chanted against the Romeo, Michigan, native because of his Southern rock rebel persona that over the years has included using the Confederate flag in his appearances.

Protesters often badgered and yelled at concertgoers, and in one case, at two supporters of President Donald Trump.

But police were able to keep the peace by maintaining distance between protesters and pro-Kid Rock biker gangs.

When the show finally began, Kid Rock gave a campaign speech. He was introduced as the next senator from Michigan.

In the end, there were no incidents, and police are working with security to make sure nothing happens after the event.

You can watch Jason Colthorp's full story in the video posted above.

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